Payroll Deduction

Start a free payroll saving scheme and join a long list of national and regional employers who are already taking advantage of this rewarding scheme

Payroll Deduction

Starting a payroll scheme with East London Credit Union is a perfect low-cost way to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity by boosting morale. It can also help your business reach its corporate responsibility goals.

Debt and money worries have been shown to cause stress, which in turn is the leading cause of sickness throughout British industry, so it makes sense to look after your employees. By helping them save a small amount regularly and have access to affordable loans, they’ll be less stressed about finances and able to focus more on work. The feeling of being looked after by an employer can also increase staff retention, as they feel more motivated, more valued and consequently, less likely to leave their job.

Payroll Deduction benefits summary:

  • Strengthens Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Helps employees cope with any financial distress or unexpected costs
  • Provides a valued staff benefit for minimal cost
  • Helps with recruitment and retention of staff, building employee loyalty
  • Reduces stress levels and resultant absenteeism
  • Money invested in a credit union benefits your local community, not private shareholders

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